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Exposure is an umbrella term that refers to three aspects of photography, ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. Every image you capture uses a combination of these three factors to establish the exposure (amount of light) for a given image.

​“Xposure” is my way of combining my desire to explore different places and simultaneously share and inspire others through a photograph or a series of photographs, to explore and visit places that they never seen.


Photography helps me forget the time spent at work and slows me down, and above all, allows me to appreciate Mother Nature.

Not being a writer, it is difficult to convey in words the feeling and the peace that I feel when I am on a mountain, watching how the light of the sun and rolling clouds change in a few moments the mood of a landscape before me. These are special moments that I try to capture for my own memories.

I am very fortunate to live in Switzerland, a country with beautiful landscapes. I find it fascinating how the landscape of this country was forged over millions of years. So when I first moved here, I decided that I had to explore these mountains. With a modest camera, not knowing anything about photography, I would walk for hours and take photographs. What I did can be expressed in a quote of Leon Levinstein "I walk, I see, I stop, I photograph".

Today I know more about photography, I have a better camera but I still walk these mountains looking for a perfect photo. To me this is photography. The art of capturing “a moment” and store it for a life time.

Through Xposure I share my photographs with others, simultaneously I leave an invitation for you to come and explore some of these places.

Thank you for your visit and comeback anytime. From time to time there will be new photos.

Sérgio Pires


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